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Here at Bon Vacay we offer you an experience of a lifetime by helping you in holiday planning. We also take you on virtual tours around the globe. Dive into the world of adventure and wanderlust. Bon Vacay is the perfect place for travel enthusiasts to go about and look up for new adventures or even share their own. Sharing your travel experiences helps others to look upto it and plan their trips accordingly. This is what we are aiming for, making travel and holidays as hassle free as it can get!

However with the pandemic, not many of us can travel. Or should I say, barely a few can. That is why travelling vicariously or virtually can be a good option to get away with all the FOMO!

Zanskar river sangam in Ladakh, holiday

Land of the Lamas: Leh Ladakh

An untouched paradise, full of adventures. That will never fail to surprise you with its charm. Lakes, mountains, valleys, you name it and Ladakh has it all!

Rajasthan- Holiday package

Land of Maharajas: Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an ocean full of culture and heritage. Its houses are a rich display of art and architecture. Home to many kings, Rajasthan is full of stories of glory.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand - holiday package

Amazing Thailand

This beautiful country is a potpourri of multiple cultures. From ascetic lifestyles of the monks to the throbbing nightlife and pristine beaches.

image courtesy – https://unsplash.com

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